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Thanks to all who played a part in making the 8th annual MACC One Love Century a roaring success. 


First, to all the riders who attended in record numbers this year, we say "thank you".  The route has basically not changed since its inception yet we always have people return for their 2nd, 3rd and even 4th ride.  Some like the challenge, others support the beneficiaries, but most come back for the people, that 'One Love' spirit that our volunteers bring each year as they serve their fellow cyclists.


Next, we want to recognize our volunteers, MACC members and friends who donate their time and resources each year to help make the MACC One Love Century a "World Class" event.  From the feedback we receive from rider interaction and through the survey responses, it is safe to say that everyone appreciates what our volunteers do to make our event special, enabling it to stand out amongst Georgia's cycling calendar.


Finally, we could not do it without our sponsors, they have provided goods, services, volunteers and monetary donations to help produce a great event for our cyclists year after year.  Please let them all know how much you enjoyed the One Love Century the next time you visit their business or use their services.


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