Membership Information


Member Guidelines & Expectations



Thank-you for your interest in a MACC membership! The club strives to assure members are good cyclists, possess basic cycling education and are committed.


A prospective member of MACC must:

  1. Complete within twelve months, seven (7) rides accompanied by three or more members. You will need to submit your rides so keep a record of ride and member names for each ride.
  2. Complete a fifty-mile bike ride. This can be one of the required 7 rides.
  3. Demonstrate the following bike maneuvers while cycling:
    1. Left and right turn signals
    2. Stop signal
    3. Look over the left or right shoulder to i.e. check traffic
    4. Ride with either hand while drinking from a water bottle
  4. Be able to remove and reinstall a rear wheel after replacing the inner tube (in case of flat)

A prospective member of MACC must agree to:

  1. Maintain membership in good standing. (Pay dues; participates, volunteers...)
  2. Contribute to the operation and execution of the club’s annual fundraiser, the MACC One Love Century.
  3. Volunteer to lead at least one MACC ride per year.
  4. Attend several club rides during the year.
  5. Conduct yourself according to the MACC Principles listed herein.
  6. Never mix MACC kit items with other club kits or other branded kits.

MACC Principles

As a member of the club, while riding my bicycle (in MACC gear), with the group

or alone, I agree to:

  1. Conduct myself in a positive professional manner when cycling and         especially while wearing a MACC kit.
  2. Stop at red lights and traffic signs.Obey all traffic laws. Execute all hand signals.
  3. Maintain my bike in a safe mechanical condition and carry a spare tube,       tire levers and pump or CO2’s.
  4. Wear industry certified helmet at all times when riding.
  5. Observe proper cycling etiquette and be courteous to fellow cyclists. Offer assistance to any cyclist in distress.
  6. Call and point out road hazards: plates, rocks, sand, gravel, holes and       other road conditions for the rider behind you. Call out car-back, car-up,     car-passing and walker-up when necessary. Be loud and clear.
  7. Be courteous to motorists even in the aftermath of them displaying rude     and inconsiderate behavior. Acknowledge considerate motorists by waving or saying “Thanks”.
If you have completed your rides/demonstration and agree with all of the above, please complete and submit the MACC Application & Edu-test form (Preview App Edutest). A membership coordinator will verify your results and send you a notification. PLEASE DO NOT submit dues until notified. You will receive an               official Welcome to the Club email once dues are paid. Please review that entire email.






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