Ride reports

2017 MACC in Jamaica

Written by Darcina Garrett

Several MACC Members attended the Jamaica Reggae Ride and rolled up to 178 miles on the Northern Coast of Jamaica from Negril to Port Antonio. There were also cyclists from One Love Cycling, GII, Phase, other clubs and some individuals.  Each day of riding was a little longer and more challenging than the prior day and filled with unique experiences during and after the ride. As we cycled we witnessed the beauty of the land and its people. We rolled through dense townships as well as sprawling countrysides with some serious climbs. We saw beautiful beaches, shorelines, gardens, farmlands, etc… We drank fresh coconut water from street vendors, downed more Red Stripes and rum punches then I can count and later washed the day away climbing waterfalls. We visited a local orphanage and was entertained by and interacted with the children. We swam in a luminous lagoon (1 of 4 and the brightest in the world). Imagine boating out into the middle of a huge pitch black lagoon and jumping into the dark water and watching it glow all around you with your every move due to microscopic bioluminescent organisms in the water. We dined in the evenings at some of the finest restaurants meaning the food was great!! AND of course, there was plenty of laughter with all the different personalities, shenanigans and minor mishaps along the way!

Much love to CEO Jennifer "Storm" Hilton, coach Peter Aldridge, captain Wayne Smith, the Jamaican National Race Team and the rest of the Cycle Caribbean and Holiday Services staff!

 It was an experience of a lifetime, definitely one for your cycling bucket list! Eric Wilson compiled this beautiful video to document all 3 days! 

Additional photos and 3 day-by-day modified relive videos can be found in this shared album.


One Love, Mon!



Saturday the 24th. One Love
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