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2015 One Love Century Ride Report

Written by Darcina Garrett


One Love, the only Love you need!

OLC pic 2015


This year's Metro Atlanta Cycling Club's (MACC) ONE LOVE CENTURY went off without a hitch! The weather was perfect, sponsors support perfect, volunteer's enthusiasm perfect, road conditions perfect, the joy and sense of accomplishment on cyclist's faces PERFECT (even with all that climbing). Cyclists came from several states (AL, CA, GA, FL, IL, LA, MT, NC, NY, SC, TN and WA) to experience the 10th annual One Love Century and MACC delivered! Many cyclists expressed how great their ride was and praised the awesome services they received.

Throughout the day (8am - 5pm) MACC members posted up at critical intersections and water stations and drove the One Love Century routes (16, 27, 43, 61 and 100 miles) to assure cyclists remained safely on-track and to offer on-road mechanical or SAG support as needed. Members manned strategically placed rest stops where they served up P&J sandwiches, boiled eggs, sliced tomatoes, pickles and the juice, fresh bananas and many other nutrient loaded foods required to push and pull those pedals for miles and miles. MACC also stationed bicycle mechanics at each rest stop where they could come to the rescue if a cyclist's bike experienced a major mechanical problem. Hell, cyclists only needed to enjoy riding beautiful rolling hills and to occasionally pull up to a rest stop where MACC members and other volunteers greeted them with open arms, directed them to needed nutrition and valet parked their bikes!
But wait, there is more, at the end of the ride awaited the ONE LOVE AFTER PARTY complete with Reggae beats, Jamaican eats, plenty of iced beverages and refreshing watermelon! This is where cyclists relaxed, soaked in the festive atmosphere and shared their One Love Century experience and joy with other cyclists! A few even got up and danced the Ney-Ney and Wobble to the beats of DJ Kayo!
If you are a MACC member, a volunteer or a One Love Century participant you might agree that the 2015 One Love Century was just PERFECT!
A special thanks to all volunteers and the following sponsors: Atlanta Bicycle Coalition, BRAG, C-Town Bikes, CA& I, Civil Bikes, DJ Kayo, Family Reunion T-Shirts, Mercedes-Benz of Buckhead, Moziah Technology Systems, Linenburg Family, MyCycleCoach, North Atlanta Riding Club, Outback Bikes, REI, Royal Caribbean Bakery, Stonewall Tell Elementary School, Walter Williams w/ Vitalize and Surge and Whole Foods!  

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Saturday the 24th. One Love
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