Hillarious 4 (Challenge)

Written by Greg Masterson

MACC and Friends,

Last Sunday I took Dave Sutherland's challenge and entered the 4th annual Hillarious.

pic_HILLarious_2011Hillarious is an race run by the Virginia Highland Velo Club that races up the 13 hardest hills in North Atlanta.  Everyone rides together to each hill.  Lines up at the bottom and races to the top where they have people recording race numbers to keep track of where the riders finish.  You get points depending on how you place, and the hills have different degrees of difficulty.

I came in between second and forth the first 5 climbs.  Then my luck started to change.  I got another second but beat the guys who had been beating me.  On Northside I got my first win.  Felt like I'd won a stage in the tour.  The next hill Dave Hicks (who had the most wins) slipped out of his pedal and had to stop.  I got another win and started to think about winning the whole thing.  I didn't know what the score was so I thought if this ends and I lose by 1 point I don't want to think I could have done this or that.  So I just raced to get the best place I could on all the remaining climbs.  In spite of the competition everyone doing the race was friendly and had a great spirit that cyclists get when suffering together.

As you all know it's hard to get a win in this sport but when you do, it's good to have friends to share it with.  I'll be looking for you all this weekend with something in the back of the van.
Thank you Dave for your invaluable support.  I'll have to split that I-phone I won with you :)

Story    https://sites.google.com/site/hillarious3/home/ride-report-hillarious-4
Video   Hilliarious-4 video

**New  Hillarious-4 Champion!

Saturday the 24th. One Love
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